Original Cloud T-shirt, manufactured for a comfortable fit with our unique cloud design. Made from 100% semi-combed cotton.


Each T-shirt is able to be customized with a print colour of your choosing.


This t-shirt includes the first edition symbol as depicted in the image.


Product details: Fitted 100% semi-combed cotton Machine wash.

Original Cloud T-shirt (not first edition)

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    • The product is still in the initial condition it was provided
    • The packaging is still in good condition, where the product may be re-inserted
    • The product has been purchased within 5 days of purchase
  • For this product we do not hold any stock we get them made when your order is put through and so;

    • This product is treated as a custom order and will take longer to ship then other orders.
    • The maximum amount of time it will take to recieve this product is up to 10 days.